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34th United Christmas Celebrations

United Christmas Celebrations Committee, in short UCCC, was formed with the aim of providing a common forum for Christian denominations to come together to celebrate the greatest festival of all times – Christmas. Birth of Jesus Christ is one of the greatest events in human history and Christians owe their very existence to Him.

UCCC feels honoured to have the support of clergy and laity of all the mainline Churches and independent churches in the great historical city of Hyderabad. The support and participation of Chief Ministers of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh and the new state of Telangana in UCCC Christmas celebrations, for the last more than 4 decades, has given it the much needed encouragement. This body is unique as the participants in the committee are drawn from different denominations to run the show. Established in the year 1979, Christians of the twin cities have been celebrating Christmas unitedly for more than 4 decades now under UCCC.

In addition to celebrating Christmas UCCC has also enabled articulation of thoughts for the creation of Christian Minorities Corporation to help the poor and needy Christians, enable pilgrimage to the Holy Land, establishing Christian Bhavan, benefits for the marginalized and many more. With such spirited group UCCC will continue to grow to be a stronger organization.